The magic of the stage

Corporate events show

The Stand-up Show (that can be presented in either English, French or Spanish) is a stylish performance that aims to both amaze and build a good relationship with the audience.
The participating spectators are always put at their ease
and never in awkward or foolish situations.

During the show people laugh, but this happens out of a sense of wonder
at what is happening, and never by poking fun at a spectator.
In this sense we can say that everyone laughs “with the spectator” and never “at the spectator”.


Tales of an Artisan of Illusions

(theatre show)

This show allows spectators to rediscover the centuries-old figure of the magician in a modern and perhaps culturally unexpected key, as heir of an ancient and well-documented tradition that goes from Pacioli to Cardano, from Garzoni to Aretino, and even many centuries further back.

The tricks are performed in a modern and updated style, and will take the audience on a journey through time to meet characters such as Reginald Scot (1538-1599), Giuseppe Pinetti da Orbetello (1750-1800), Max Malini (1873-1942) and others, discovering how magic tricks that are 300, 500, as well as more than 2000 years old (recounted by Alcifrone in the third century BC and, later, also by Seneca) still remain alive and current.


Parlour Magic

This kind of show suits a private party or a small gathering.

No particular set-up or technical assistance is needed (no platform or professional lighting).
Ordinary, everyday objects suddenly turn into compelling objects that defy our imagination.