The use of wonder in an “unconventional” communication

Whom this presentation is addressed to?

Designed for those who are curious to explore new paths and listen to “unconventional” experiences and points of view.

Aurelio Paviato proposes an unusual analysis of interpersonal communication, enriched by unexpected but relevant, well argued and demonstrated points of view.

Communication begins with an emotion …

Within a few moments from the introduction, you will immediately find yourself at the heart of the subject thanks to the unexpected and surprising magic apparition of an “impossible” object.

This will lead to discuss what happens when a person is surprised; and you don’t necessarily have perform a magic trick because the surprise can also result from a pun, a nice joke or from providing an unexpected point of view.

But, in order to be able to manage the surprise, it is necessary to be aware of “what it is happening” in that moment in the relationship with the other person.

How can the interpersonal relationships be restructured in that moment?
What suggestions can be induces?
What effects are there on memory?
How can resistances be managed?

Beyond being simply told, all this will be demonstrated by involving and entertaining though examples, anecdotes and short performances from Paviato’s professional repertoire.

This will also lead to discuss presentational strategies to make the communication enjoyable, memorable and dynamic.

The ideas and thoughts from this encounter will certainly be a source of inspiration for the participants.