Books & DVDs

by Aurelio Paviato

Carte & monete …e altri artifici

(Cards & Coins … and other ruses – In Italian only)

Carte e Monete

From a Close-Up World Champion Magician a recollection of techniques and magic effects from his professional repertoire.

Enthralling magic tricks and routines for the stage, parlour, and close-up including his FISM award winning routine: “The Losanna Act”.
Mainly devoted to card and coin magic, the stuffs included in this book have been audience tested and refined through many years of study and practice.

Everything is thoroughly explained, going beyond the simple list of moves to be performed: Paviato details the reasons for his choices and solutions and all those nuances that “make the difference”.
The volume is completed by a chapter with two essays and an interview with Arturo de Ascanio, to ponder the art of conjuring.

“A bibliographic jewel with many facets …”
Roberto Giobbi

Studio su La Forzatura Classica

(A study on the Classic Force – in Italian only)

Carte e Monete
This pamphlet deals with one of the most difficult but important techniques in card magic.
Difficult because it is not the result of proficiency in sleight of hand only but, as the author points out, it is “a living, active technique, which requires to set a relationship with another person”.
Therefore, to make it work the performer needs to reach a skilful balance among manipulative skill, inner attitude, ability to manage and deal with difficult and, sometimes, antagonist spectators, which requires an intriguing mix of perspicacity, shrewdness, subtleties and, not least, the outs for the inevitable mistakes that sooner or later are going to occur.

Aurelio Paviato, a professional magician, retraces in this work the many strategies, advices and ruses that have appeared on this subject from 1584 up to the present days, offering the passionate reader a precious range of information and different points of view on the subject.

Studio su la Carta Ambiziosa di Dai Vernon

(A study on Dai Vernon’s Ambitious Card – in Italian only)

Carte e Monete
The Ambitious Card is a Classic of card magic.

In this study Aurelio Paviato traces its historical origins and, inspired and influenced by the teachings of Juan Tamariz, peruses the Dai Vernon’s routine, which appeared in Stars of Magic, and its refined dramaturgy.

Studio su I Bussolotti di Dai Vernon

(A study on Dai Vernon’s Cups and Balls – in Italian only)

Carte e Monete
The Dai Vernon’s routine needs and deserves to be thoroughly studied because the way The Professor performed the Cups and Balls has been so relevant to significantly influence subsequent generations of magicians.

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Fantasia di Monete

(Coins Fantasy – in Italian only)

Carte e Monete
Basic and intermediate coin magic course by the FISM World Champion Aurelio Paviato.

Professional tricks and coin magic techniques.
4 half dollars are supplied with this DVD.

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