In 2009 Aurelio Paviato collaborated with Carlo Faggi on the preparation of the exhibition “… Tutto è come appare – Il Fondo Magico di Ovidio Scolari” held at the Braidense National Library in Milan and dedicated to the 227 volumes on the art of magic (as well as various magazines) that Ovidio Scolari (1877 – 1934) left to the Braidense library following his death.

In the catalogue of the exhibition you will find his article on the books of the Scolari Fund, which guides readers in the discovery of the texts preserved here, in a world of secrets that have been jealously guarded for centuries.

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Errata Corrige
Due to an incorrect translation of the original article by William Kalush made from the French source, available at the time of writing this document, on the second side of page 16 it was reported that Alcuin of York’s text is now preserved at the University of Trieste. The original article by Kalush specified instead that it is located at the University of Trier, the oldest in Germany.
To learn more about the figure of Ovidio Scolari, refer to the biography written by Maria Teresa Candalese and Guido Scaramazza at the following link: